Friday, May 31, 2013


As I type this, Zig is sitting in his kennel yipping like a jackal.

What with pregnancy, the bed rest that ended the last 5 weeks of pregnancy, and childbirth, we've all taken a few steps back in many ways around here. I'm completely and totally out of shape. It's pathetic. It's not as bad as when pregnancy started to make me out of breath, but not being able to do much for over a month before K was born has left me pretty weak. The dogs haven't gotten nearly the training and attention they should for the past few months, and it is starting to show. Probably most for Zig, since he's the youngest.

In general the worst offences are various forms of barking in the house/kennel/at nothing. My poor mail person must think these guys are vicious beasties. Luckily usually K can sleep through barking, but excessive barking is like fingers on the chalkboard to me. We are going to have to especially work on Zig's kennel barking. It's complete frustration-I know you're leaving or doing something without me and I don't like it.

I've been trying to get the boys back in agility, and even had a private lesson tentatively scheduled. I had to reschedule, and now the instructor isn't responding to my contacts. This is so frustrating, no? Just when you take a step forward...But I'd really like to get going and maybe, maybe trial once this summer. Griff especially sort of has a time constraint.

I did take the dogs to the beach for memorial day...Difficult to get decent shots but I got a few of general rough housing.

 Zoe always gets in the middle of the threesome...

Now to try and make some headway, both for me and dogs. Anyone know a good post-partum get in shape program? How about an agility shape-up?

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