Wednesday, September 10, 2008

selling all dogs

I don't know when I became the world's worst dog owner/trainer in the world.

So last night's agility class was uber-frustrating. We had a run that included weave poles, that Griff flubbed no less than five times, then the tire, that he jumped around instead of thru, and by then I was so humiliated I fucked up the totally easy jump pass at the end. I had to leave the arena and go outside to cry. I don't know what I was thinking about entering him in a CPE trial in a month. I am apparently the world's worst trainer and he's a stubborn a**hole who refuses to weave.

I realize somewhere between vet school and having all three dogs, they've collectively become *disobedient*. I worked on Guinness's recall for 5+ years, and all of a sudden he acts like he has no idea what it means. Zoe also has no sense of when she should come and pretty much does as she pleases. Griffin is a pulling, barking, jumping pain in the ass, and all his agility training has come to naught. I should have stuck with cats, at least no one expects them to do anything when told.

Anyway, I am sorely disappointed. I suppose there is some bullshite explanation about me not being a good leader, or else I've forgotten to ask much of them, I don't know. All I do know is that we're going to tighten down on the rules for awhile and see if it makes any difference.