Thursday, October 30, 2008

We have weaves

Just a brief update...

Griff has weaves! Six straight weaves, I'd say 90% of the time, from directly in front or starting three obstacles away. Very exciting! He also seems to have gotten over his tire jump aversion. Our only remaining hurdle (heh) is the teeter. Our goal this winter is to get it mastered. Our classes don't start up again until January, but we've got two months of practice at the barn to work on it. We have a fun match the weekend of Thanksgiving and one in December, and if all goes well, we'll enter our first CPE trial in February. I'd like to enter the one in December, but it is the weekend prior to final exams, and that may not happen.

Guinn has started PT and had his first water treadmill session on Wednesday. He's got his second tomorrow. He did better than I expected, so maybe we'll get thru this after all. If I bribe him with cookies, he'll keep going. I hope he'll agree to get into the treadmill box tomorrow, now that he knows that water comes in on him. I really hope this'll help keep him strong. It's been about six months since his diagnosis.

It's starting to feel like winter and we aren't getting to the park as much as I'd like, but hopefully tomorrow we'll get a nice run in. Got to get the dogs tired for Halloweening.