Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ten -pupdate

Ziggy did well with social stuff so far this week. Better greeting of people including a cute little boy today. Zig seemed to like him! He is pretty dependent on me out and about right now, but I anticipate this changing a lot with age. He picked up hand targeting quickly today during our first session (did my hand smell too much like food tho?)

Concerns: toy drive. Tug drive is good, but he will get tired of toys long before food right now. I really wanted a pup who loved to play with me. He loves to play with the big dogs. I wonder if I need to restrict that right now? I feel like the argument for restricting interaction with other dogs are tenuous, but I am concerned if he thinks they are the only fun ones to play with.

Need to do more shaping exercises to help limber up and get him to try new behaviors.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

puppy raising diaries...

9 weeks:
Sit: verbal cue in house, automatic sit often
Down: hand signal
Come: solid in house and yard
Potty training: two accidents (after hard play, whoops)
Chew training: velociraptor!
Socialization: greeting people well, does not like hand over head. Greets other dogs well, polite to adults, polite to pups, will play with larger pups, interested in cats, wants to play with Squid. Fidget hates, will run from and pup wants to run after (bad)!
Toys: loves tugs, will sit for a chance to re-engage in play.
Crate: sleeps through the night quietly, rides quietly in the car, barks if placed in crate during day but will settle.

Zigs getting coffee today.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Puppyface and agility class fail.


After hours of deliberation, this is the one I picked! He's the blue boy that I liked from week 3. It was a tough pick, in part because 5 of the pups were so close to what I wanted. I debated really hard about one of the blue girls and a black girl, and the other blue boy, but ultimately this little guy won. He's adapted well so far, he had to go with me to an agility trial all weekend and did great. Met lots of people, saw lots of things, met a dog or two, rode in the car, pottied in strange places...all pretty much without balking. He was a little overwhelmed by Saturday night, but Sunday did well and has been a trooper so far this week. I of course have paranoia that I am going to do something wrong, but hopefully experience and training will prevent that from happening. There will probably be lots of pictures of this little guy soon. I'm a bit concerned about some shyness that was not evident in his temperament tests or with his litter but have popped up over the last week...but he's a baby and has a lot of socializing ahead

Agility trial was good for Griff as well. He q'd in 6 of 7 runs, and was overall way more focused than I had any right to expect. We didn't q in our second standard run as I forgot to get the turn command out and caused him to back jump (off course), but it was totally my fault.

However...agility class on Tuesday was a nightmare. I could do nothing right as far as my instructor was concerned, and I ended up leaving class in tears. Griff was disconnecting because he saw how upset I was. I don't know why she decided to ream me...I know I was setting him up at jumps closer than I should, but most of the start lines were really near the other dogs and I didn't want him to get overly excited at the barky sheltie and leave me. However, the more I was berated, the worse I got, until I couldn't remember the courses at all. Finally, I just said I wasn't going to correct any mistakes and just let Griff have fun. I went out in the parking lot after class and cried like a five year old.

I know that trainers get to the point where they've seen mistakes people make a hundred times and it must be frustrating. However, training is as much about being compassionate to the people as it is the dogs. I am not trying to be unfair to my dog when I don't handle as well as I should. I'm just new at this. Berating me is a great way to make me shut down and make more mistakes....I wish I knew what to do about this.