Monday, October 24, 2011

Zig does 6 weaves

Taught with the 2x2 method. Much easier than channel weaves, although we still have some interesting "choices" (mistakes), like the night he decided to nose touch the first pole and enter on the second. Still need work on the right side entry...but coming along!

League and baby dog class

Griff and I subbed for NW Agility League last night. We can't participate since I work Tuesdays and the last two  meets are Tuesday nights, but we agreed to sub if someone needed to be gone. First night apparently two people did! I haven't done league before but apparently every night there is one standard style course and one games course. They post the course maps (who knew?) and you are encouraged to practice ahead of time (just not the day of).

The standard course was a fairly straight forward (level 2 CPE) style course. The game was called chances, and alack, it was very similar to a jackpot course. There was a line the handler couldn't cross and it required two tunnel-contact discriminations (the dog had to go out and take the tunnel instead of the contact obstacle that was closer to the handler).

Standard was pretty simple and Griff had no problem except a knocked bar after the A-frame (????) I figured we were going to blow the chances course but really wanted to try to get some distance practice. You could step over the line at any point for a 20 point fault, but I was hoping not to. Gambled on time not running out....Set him up ok but of course he took the jump and immediately went to the dog walk as it was closer to me than the tunnel--called him off and sent him to the tunnel, took a bit of convincing but he did do it. No problem with the three jumps, but then of course wanted to take the frame instead of the tunnel, and it took me a lot (well, 10 seconds) longer to convince him to take the tunnel that time. But he did take it! so I should be happy about that. So I will.

The puppyface started in a midpoint baby dog class last week, which means both Aussies have back to back classes Mondays, but means that I am no longer in the Monday AM class which was kicking my butt and teaching me a lot. Sigh. I can't drive down there twice a week so it's a necessary evil, but I'm sad about it. I kind of have mixed feelings about starting Zig there, since I feel like there are some aspects of training that I've missed with Griff, but I really wanted him in a class. I can always move him if I find something closer. I don't like teaching contacts the way we are (luring), but I will try to keep clicking them and ignore the critique I always seem to get when I use the clicker in class. He showed no fear except of the shoot, didn't think it should come down on his head, so we will have to work on that.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Old dogs, new dogs

The old man wanted a walk in the worst way a few weeks ago, so we went to the forest nearby and he got to mosey around. One blessing of being old, he can no longer run away from me, so got to be off leash for awhile. He very much enjoyed sniffing leaves and peeing on bushes. The simple pleasures...

The puppy saw contact equipment for the first time on Friday. He was, not surprisingly, quite excited about it. The A-frame was only partially elevated and it was just a 3/4 dog walk, but he thought both were very fun. If I don't mess it up, this guy will be fast! He also got some needed balance practice and more work on the dreaded phone book, bleh. It did scare me a little at one point that he was running so fast down the dog walk his feet came off the side, but he held on. It makes me appreciate having a dog who is (mostly) well trained on the obstacles.

Griff and I had a much better agility class today. We are still the worst, but we are learning a lot since the courses are so much harder and everyone else's skill sets are so great. Not the worst deal. I still get embarrassed, like when I was so excited he got a difficult weave entry that I neglected to realize he'd done so by cutting behind me, oops. Nice dog, shame about the handler indeed. But he did do some nice serpentines, only had one weave bobble, and nice contacts.

Need to work some 2x2 with Zig today, probably need to bring them inside rather than get poured on. He hates wet grass.